Futakuchi Onna: Two-Mouthed Woman

My series of Japanese female monsters continues at Part-time Monster this week, with the origins of Futakuchi Onna, or the Two-Mouthed Woman. If you have any sort of food anxieties or fears, you may be able to relate to this yokai doomed to have a perpetually-hungry mouth on the back of her skull. Have a read, and tell me what you think!

Part Time Monster


Have you ever wanted to lose a little weight?

There is a saying among travelers that Japan is the best place to diet; everyone loses weight here. I have to disagree. As a foreigner who has lived here for several years, and watched her scale inch up progressively, I can’t help but think that anyone who loses weight in Japan simply doesn’t like the food.

Of course recently, I’ve had to consider a far more sinister reason: they’ve been possessed by an insidious yokai, which targets females with a supernatural disease.

The Futakuchi Onna, or Two-Mouthed Woman, could be the sister of Kuchisake Onna, whom I talked about last month for Monster Monday. Both possess grotesque mouths and are cursed for doing traditionally female-sins. The one huge difference, however, is that while Kuchisake Onna might be out to kill you, Futakuchi Onna is a monster that you yourself can become.

Futakuchi Onna 二口女 YokaiBut what…

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9 thoughts on “Futakuchi Onna: Two-Mouthed Woman

    • Alex Hurst says:

      Haha, yes. Japanese monsters definitely have a penchant for the grotesque. They’re very rarely actually ‘scary,’ like their European and American counterparts.


  1. peakperspective says:

    This was so engrossing, Alex. A wonderful description of the mythologies with gorgeous pictures too.
    I was really hoping to read that the mouth would be representative of the hunger for the female mind and the constant and determined efforts of women to overcome their oppression. Alas, it was not so.
    Still, one could make a new story to live in concert with the old, right?


  2. lavanya2198 says:

    Wow dis one is amazing..
    Folk tales everywhere round the world are soo insightful inspriing yet entertaining..amazing..i owe u big tym for introducing to sch an amzing dimention of literary work i neva had surfed..
    N btw i went through your other posts too n dey r all amazing


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