Tsukumogami: Inanimate Ghouls of Japan

October is all about the monsters, and this month, I have three posts planned at Part-Time Monster. First up, check out the Tsukumogami (九十九髪), the haunted artifacts of ninety-nine years. These uncanny monsters are some of the more amusing creatures to come out of Edo Period!

3 thoughts on “Tsukumogami: Inanimate Ghouls of Japan

  1. Great post! It’s one the things I miss most about Japan… all the spirits… both ghoulish and otherwise 😉

    That gallery reminds me a little of Miyazaki’s fantastic “Spirited Away”.

    I have always had a strong interest in Animism and Shintoism. From an early age I always thought of the inanimate as possessing a spirit; perhaps in the sense that we impress and invest our own emotions into them. Thos items dear to us… or those mistreated… grow from that connection.

    I can’t wait to see the next two articles you’re going to post!

    Great stuff, Alex! 🙂


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