Q is for 観音

Q is for kannon, or the Japanese name for Quan-yin. She is a familiar sight all across Japan, gracing most temples, and in some areas, has statues large enough to be their own landmark. Kyoto actually has a statue of Quan-yin so large that, even though I’ve never seen it up close, I can always spot it from the panoramic views situated across the city.

Quan-yin is known as the Goddess of Compassion, and much like Buddha, is there to help others find their way on the path. I have known of her since my childhood days, when my father collected oriental statues. The bronze statue of Quan-yin remained one of my favorites, and when he was downsizing his collection, it was gifted to me. She now sits on my bookshelf. Seeing her across the country in life-size is a treat I will miss a great deal.

Images hosted on Flickr. 

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Sekizan Zen-in

Sekizan Zen-in

Sekizan Zen-in

Kyoto Momiji 2014 Ichijoji 187

Chionji Flea Market 35