4 thoughts on “Virgil Finlay illustration for Edgar Allen Poe’s poem Israfel, 1938

  1. THANKS for posting this. …one of Finlay’s illustrations that I had never seen before. I always thought that he would have been THE natural to illustrate Poe -though this piece for ISRAFEL is the only one I know of.

    Of course Harry Clarke’s POE illustrations are a VERY special treasure and would be extremely hard to top …Finlay, if anyone, could just possibly have topped HC’s haunting, eerie and amazing “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” artwork (Aubrey Beardsley having died too young, a few scant years before original publication).


    1. I think there is a version of Poe’s works that is illustrated by Finlay on Gutenberg… that may have been where i found this, but I can’t remember now.

      I’m a huge fan of Clarke’s take on them to. I’m dying to get my hands on a paperback copy with his illustrations, but I’m kind of thinking about making a personal copy all my own with a mixture of the great ink master paintings. 🙂

      Many thanks for stopping by to comment!


      1. …paperback copy… Do you travel light?
        I have a Hardback copy that I might be willing to let go of. Let me know if this interests you; it would take me a few days to locate, between my storage locker and stuff I have here at home in various boxes. I saw it within last 2 months, probably here at home. I will track it down and get you pub. info if you tell me you are interested.

        Meanwhile, I have seen a (large trade size) contemporary edition – perhaps 1980’s or newer, maybe a Dover Press or similar. Amazon / eBay may well have this. No doubt though you mean a PULP (1930’s era?) paperback.


        1. I don’t travel light, not really, but I’m in the middle of an international move, so have to think about costs…. but hey, if you have a copy you’re willing to part with, I’d love to hear more!

          I love hardbacks over paperbacks. Poor sentence structure… I meant to say if I couldn’t find a copy, I’d probably design/get a printing done of one on my own, since I do book interior layouts in my free time. 🙂


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