As part of the ongoing project of making this blog more about sharing what is interesting to me, I have decided to open up blog posts for author, illustrator, editor, publisher and graphic designer (particularly in the realm of book cover design) interviews.

My goal with these interview series is to help more authors build contacts with people who can help them with the final processes of publishing, namely, the people who can help them put their book together.

I offer three interview categories at present:


Illustrious is part of an ongoing interview series designed to connect indie and self-published authors with exceptional artists and graphic designers for their cover and illustration needs. Artists featured typically focus on fantasy, science fiction, macabre, or storybook genres, but artists with different working styles are occasionally interviewed. Graphic designers who specialize in typography, graphic covers, and interior embellishments are also interviewed.


The main goal of Imprints is to introduce small and indie publishers in a human light. Interviews focus on publishing philosophy, manuscript selection, history of the publisher, and so on. This interview series is meant to help indie and self-published authors find current and enlightening information about this ever-evolving publishing world.


Pull out your red pens! Inked is an interview series devoted to editors of all sizes and backgrounds, slush readers, book reviewers, and agents. Inked is here to help authors learn how to better self-edit, and add that little bit of extra polish on their manuscript while avoiding common pitfalls–from horror stories to helpful hints, Inked offers valuable insights for authors of all persuasions.

If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact me via the form below.

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