Classical Music at the Orpheum

I finally got to go to a symphony! For the first time ever!

NJ and I took a trip to the Orpheum Theatre on the first of October to see the award-winning, Romanian conductor Cristian Macelaru’s take on three classical pieces. The hall itself is quite gorgeous, with high ceilings and gilded banisters and columns, as well as crystal chandeliers and heavenly murals.

Of the three pieces we were able to listen to, I actually found the Romanian composer George Enescu’s Symphony No.1 in E-Flat Major, Op.13 the most beautiful. It started so dramatically, and ended with a crescendo of what Macelaru called “French love.” You can listen to audio clips of the symphony on the VSO’s main page, or just listen to Enescu’s symphony here:

The concert was wonderful, but getting there proved to be difficult. The night we went in, and entire track of the SkyTrain was suddenly unavailable due to a medical emergency, and, since the rest of Vancouver was gearing up for a football game, streets were absolutely packed. NJ and I left the house two and a half hours before we needed to be there (and I even said “doors open at 7pm” when it was actually 7:30) and we still only got there at 8:05…. a couple minutes too late to go in for the overture. ☹️ We didn’t have a chance to eat before the show, which meant dinner was Church’s Chicken at 11pm, when we finally got home.

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  1. I used to have season tickets to the Detroit Symphony, but got tired of the drive from the suburbs. And the women wearing too much perfume with husbands who fell asleep and snored, lol. Thanks for the video.

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