The Lady Koi – An Excerpt

I’m reblogging this old post, as Darkly Never After is now a limited edition book — the anthology will be going out of print in 2016, and for what it’s worth, I think it’s both the most beautiful book I’ve ever designed, and also containing one of my better short stories. At the moment, I have no plans to republish “The Lady Koi,” so now’s your chance to get it, and help a charity in the process!

Memoirs of a Time Here-After

Well, it’s finally out! Darkly Never After is now available in paperback and ebook formats, and I couldn’t be happier with it. My paperback copy showed up a couple of days ago, and the print quality is really nice. It’s a thick book, nearly 400 pages, and it’s chock-full of all kinds of dark fairy tales, fables, and modern dark fiction. I’m also excited because it is the first time that N J and I have been published together. Patti L. Geesey, one of the contributors, really did a great job with the editing. The anthology’s website is forthcoming, so for now, feel free to visit Amazon or CreateSpace to order a copy (CreateSpace is recommended if you can, since we’ll get double the royalties to send to St. Jude’s for children across the globe).

As you can read from the back cover, Darkly Never After is an anthology…

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4 thoughts on “The Lady Koi – An Excerpt

  1. I have this downloaded! It was last year when I knew NJ but not you, I think. I’ve dipped in and out of it in between novels, but not for a while so I will now make a point of going back since you’ve reminded me.

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  2. I actually got this for Christmas last year! Unfortunately I have not dug into reading it yet… but I have it on my bedside to-read stack instead of the infinite piles in the library/office, so that means it hopefully won’t be too much longer before I get to it!

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