Must-Read Blog Award: Sara Letourneau

There are thousands of blogs across the Internet. Many are beyond exceptional, balancing content and community in ways that are to be admired. And some deserve more love.

Must Read Blog Award, presented by Alex HurstOctober is a busy time of month for writers; with NaNoWriMo around the corner, scribes are in a flurry to prepare outlines, develop characters and refresh their memory on the various aspects of writing craft. There are a few writing blogs I follow religiously for analysis and craft, and the blog of Massachusetts-native Sara Letourneau is one of them.

Sara’s blog has many interesting, ongoing features, including a literature and tea pairing adventure, Chronicling the Craft, and my personal favorite, the Character Evolution Files. Sara creates worksheets and does in-depth analyses of character arcs and writing techniques. I am continually impressed by the amount of dedication that goes into her posts, and in addition, she’s just simply one of the friendliest, charming people you can find. Conversations on Sara’s blog are always energetic and thoughtful, and as a blogger, Sara upholds the best practices – if you’re looking for ways to improve your blogging game, definitely pay attention to her organization and communication skills.

Sara’s series on character evolution only has just started, so feel free to get caught up, and then follow this amazing blogger and author!

Chronicling the Craft:
Draft #2 Revisions – 30% Complete

The Character Evolution Files, No. 1

Tea Time at Reverie:
Inspired By Jane’s Pemberley Green & Herbal Tea

thelistThe Must-Read Blog Award is not a chain award. There are no questions to answer, no people to nominate, and no blog posts to write. It is a badge of recognition, which also includes a very small monetary award. I am the only person that curates the List, though I do accept suggestions. Click the banner above to learn more about the award and learn about other recipients.

12 thoughts on “Must-Read Blog Award: Sara Letourneau

  1. Oh my goodness, Alex. I’m not sure what to say… except “Thank you.” *hugs* It especially means a lot because it’s coming from a fellow blogger and writer whose work I enjoy and has opened my eyes to parts of the world I don’t know much about (and have a growing appreciation for).

    I’m reading the Blog Award Rules now, and will be in touch with you shortly. 😉

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    1. Sorry I’m so late to get back to you! Crazy, busy week, but I am glad that you were surprised and happy. 🙂 You totally deserve the recognition! I love the unassuming nature of your blog, and I hope that any author looking to network finds your blog. 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Sara Letourneau's Official Website & Blog and commented:
    What a lovely surprise to find first thing this morning! 😀 Fellow fantasy writer and blogger Alex Hurst has been running the Must-Read Blog Award for the past few months. Her choices so far have been fascinating; and her own blog is a wealth of creativity, from posts about her experiences living in Japan to in-depth studies on Jungian archetypes in literature.

    Thank you again, Alex, for this honor. 🙂

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  3. Again, I think this idea of yours is just splendid, Alex. I’ve enjoyed browsing Sara’s blog, and will be popping in again to leave a comment here and there. Like you, I’ve fallen a bit behind because of work, but it’s such fun to have treats like this waiting for me when I finally get back to the blogs!

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