Sourcerer’s 11: Questions for Author Alex Hurst

I made it to Sourcerer’s 11! We talk about Japan, the art for D.N.A (special preview of the interior art!), and blogging. I also talk about Fiction Writers Group, which is currently accepting horror story submissions for this year’s anthology. 🙂 Have a look!


Welcome to the September edition of Sourcerer’s 11, our monthly interview series. I’m chatting today with fantasy, science, and speculative fiction author Alex Hurst. You can find her on WordPress at and on Twitter @AlexHurstTweets.

Meet Alex. She's cool. Meet Alex. She’s cool.

Welcome, Alex!

Thank you! It’s an honor to be here. I’ve followed your blog for a long time, and was pretty chuffed when you asked to interview me.

Yay, us!  (Alex is the one speaking in boldface, just so you all know. I am speaking from here on out in italics. And I am pretty stoked about the fact that the word “chuffed” has just been used on my blog for the first time ever. Let’s do this thing!) 🙂 Q&A time!

Q.1: Earlier this summer, you released D.N.A., a serial, illustrated novella. As you know, we love illustrated fiction, sci-fi, and superheroes around here, so I’m intrigued…

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