Ebook Giveaway & Interview: Alex Hurst, Author of D. N. A.

This time, I took part in an author interview for D.N.A., and there’s another giveaway going on!

Dab of Darkness

HurstD.N.A.1Everyone, please welcome Alex Hurst, author of D. N. A.: Alta, a most entertaining illustrated novella. WE chat about comics, TV series, artist influences, and plenty more! Also, there is a sweet giveaway โ€“ check out the last question in the interview for that.

If you had to choose someone to rescue you from the jaws of certain death would it be a superhero, supernatural creature, or a space alien?

Oh, definitely a superhero. The idea that there could definitely be the promise of super powers in the human race is an amazing concept for me. While aliens would be interesting, Iโ€™ve always considered them an inevitability (just look at how big this universe is!) and the likelihood that I would be able to communicate with my savior would be quite slimโ€ฆ same goes for any mythical creature. But a superhero would be like me, like youโ€ฆ

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13 thoughts on “Ebook Giveaway & Interview: Alex Hurst, Author of D. N. A.

    1. Japanese and American comics are truly different beasts, and I find that American comics have a bit more depth of emotion (generally) than Japanese ones. Japanese tend to fixate on short term conflicts and the like, but comics deal with the deeper psychologies of the characters in the universe. Just in my experience. ๐Ÿ™‚ And American comics are not available over here, haha.

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      1. I wholeheartedly agree, western comics and those in Japan (and Korea for that matter) are worlds apart. However, “Adventures of an Office Worker” explores the deep inner-workings of a man on the edge with only a photocopier and a pen to back him up as he faces the everyday challenge of getting to the deal on time. It’s riveting stuff I can tell you ๐Ÿ˜‰

        When I lived in Japan, I would get western comics from Blister in Tokyo (http://www.blister.jp/). No idea if it is still the same. I never actually went there, but a Japanese friend who worked at the my local ‘Village Vanguard’ would get them in for me and that’s where they would come from.

        Great interview by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

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        1. Hi Crispian! Sorry I’m so late responding to your comments…. It was a very, very busy week!

          I live in Kyoto, so I’m not sure traveling up there is in my future, but every now and then I find some super retro comics in my local used book store (TMNT and Cable one week, oddly…) For now, I’m all digital, which thankfully hasn’t been region-locked yet. I’m really glad you enjoyed the interview… your answer to the question was amazing!!!

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  1. I forgot to add, you also have superb taste ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favourite Sherlock Holmes series also happens to be the Jeremy Brett version. I remember when it first came on TV in the UK and I still have to stop whatever I’m doing whenever I stumble upon an episode. The Horatio Hornblower series is another classic, along with “Sharpe” of course.

    I’ve liked a lot of the mainstream comics over the years, but have drifted away from some of the latest incarnations. Back in the 90’s I read mostly Vertigo titles (Hellblazer, Swamp Thing, Sandman, etc.) and indie comics (Preacher and the like). Now and then I might have a look at what’s happening (I can’t say I’m a fan of what they’ve done with Batman), but I don’t have the resources to follow them anymore.

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    1. How could this show, “Sharpe,” escape my life? Sean Bean?! Historical?! I’m sold! Thanks for giving me a new show to binge watch. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Vertigo is definitely a company I want to look more into when I get to Vancouver. I want to branch out, but the sheer number of titles everywhere can be a bit intimidating. Especially since a lot of comics continue on and on forever. ๐Ÿ™‚

      We do seem to have a lot in common! Looking forward to getting to know you better, as well.

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      1. You’ve never seen “Sharpe”? You’re in for a real treat! Sean Bean at his best and Daragh O’Malley as Patrick Harper. Classic. Some great songs as well.

        Seems like what they say is true… great minds and all that! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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        1. I can’t wait! Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ˜€ A great OST to boot is truly going to make my weekend.

          I agree about the great minds part, though it feels horribly immodest to say so, haha. XD


  2. Loved the interview, Alex! And I wanted to ask if you’ve ever come across Glen Weldon before? I’m thinking that if you haven’t, you’d sooo enjoy all he has to say (and write) about comic books. I’m addicted to his quick wit and humor, but also his perspective on most any topic in general.
    I listen to him weekly on the podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour.
    Congrats again on the book. Thus far I am LOVING IT!

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