D. N. A.: Alta by Alex Hurst

D.N.A. gets another review, this time from the very observant biologist Susan, over at Dab of Darkness. Nothing gets by her!

Dab of Darkness

HurstD.N.A.1Where I Got It: Review copy

Illustrator: Kevin Nichols

Publisher: Bookmark Comics (2015)

Length: 24 pages

Series: Book 1 D. N. A.

Author’s Page

Alta Williams suffered through a chemical accident in her early 20s that left her in a very sad state. Her skin was ruined. But nanoTech corporation stepped in and offered her a then-experimental replacement of her skin using their new nanoCell tech. Later, she developed a lung cancer due to the accident, and again, nanoTech stepped in offering her an experimental lung replacement. But now she is positive that nanoTech is up to no good. She just needs the proof.

Helping her is a self-learning A.I. program that needed a friendly host – and Alta’s skin was the perfect residence for this program, the Digital nanoCell Accelerator (D. N. A.). We readers enter the story where the two are still getting to know each other. Alta is…

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    1. Not in the comic store yet, Jeff! I wish! 😀 Only on Kindle. But I’d be happy to send you a copy if you like. 🙂 Just send me your email!


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