D.N.A. Novella Released!

In 2066, superheroes aren’t born; they’re made.

Nanotechnology has helped gene therapy reach new heights, but not everyone is granted access to treatment. Defending the powerless has fallen into the hands of Alta Williams, the only known survivor of a full nanoCell organ transplant and host to the mysterious program D.N.A. Alta, able to change her genetic code at will, can fight those who take advantage of the Non-Generation – but at what cost?

A few days ago, I finally got to release a novella I’ve been waiting to tell you about since April. D.N.A. is a serial novel concept that had been playing around in my mind for well over a year, when it was first released in Heroes & Villains (Writers’ Anarchy III). This edition has further edits, and a handful of beautiful illustrations from multimedia artist Kevin Nichols, who also did the cover art.

I’m super thrilled about it.

The ideas behind D.N.A. are many, but they consolidate into questions on humanity, femininity, and LGBTQ issues. More than that, though, it’s a fast-paced science fiction with a superhero twist. Alta, my protagonist, has a pretty classic transformation story. Burned in a chemical fire in her early twenties. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology: an entirely new synthetic skin. A self-learning A.I. as sidekick. You can sort of picture it as Ghost in the Shell meets Animorphs meets Batman Beyond.

If you visit the book’s launch page, you can get access to all of the current Amazon buy links available for the title, or, if you want to read the story but don’t have a MOBI reader, I’m more than happy to send a PDF or ePub version to those willing to put their honest review up on their blog, Goodreads, or Amazon for this first installment. Just use the contact form or comment here!

Here’s what a few of the early reviewers had to say:

“A fast-paced treat, with lots of action and cool tech, D.N.A. is a very satisfying read for any Sci-fi fan. I really enjoyed the rapport between Alta and her artificial skin. It’s one of those relationships that you can see making them an iconic duo. Hurst keeps the high concept tech grounded with Alta’s personal journey, giving it more depth. And I love the artwork.”

“This is a fast-paced tale that will leave you breathless and wanting more. A lot more. Just when I was beginning to see how much potential was inside Alta—altered human and main character—I found myself at the story’s end. I can only hope that this is the first of many volumes.”

“D.N.A. is an origin story for a superhero in the making. A product of a biopunk future that relies on state-sponsored eugenics much like that of A Brave New World or Code 46, Alta is allowed to survive a crippling chemical fire with DNA, an AI cluster of nano technology that allows her to tap into the power of nearly all fauna from the world over. We’re only given a glimpse in this first installment of the series, but I expect both Alta and the corporate entity she’s warring against to give us more biopunk craziness in this future that doesn’t seem too far away.”

I’m getting ready to start the first draft of the second installment, and I’ve got a question for you guys: If you were Alta…. if you suddenly had the entire Genome Project at your fingertips…. which genetic source would you use to fight crime? Or, which DNA would you use to perpetrate it? Let me know!

Cyberpunk, biopunk serial novel D.N.A. by Alex Hurst - Science Fiction with a Superhero Twist

PS- I’ve got a giveaway going on right now that you should check out on Moonbeams Over Atlanta. It’ll only be live for a few more days!

27 thoughts on “D.N.A. Novella Released!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I need to get working on the second installment, though, haha. To be honest, I don’t really write SF very often, but this story just kept niggling at me. 🙂


  1. Ooh! Congrats! Looks great. Any paperback soon? I don’t read picture books from kindle. I don’t own the device (or a tablet, or a smartphone) an looking at images with kindle for PC is appalling, especially if they are tilted 90 or there’s a two-page flap. 🙂

    Long ago I wanted my own series to be illustrated too, but lack of funds for an illustrator and other resources (I *could* do it myself), and that particular issue with kindle deterred me form project completion. So I left the books as serial novels. I might fix that with second edition though. Someday. 😀


    1. Unfortunately, due to the story being only 8,000 words at the moment, I can’t make it in paperback just yet. I’m planning to release the paperback edition with three installments at a time.

      The art was something I wanted, even given the cost, so I just bit the bullet there. I’m happy I did. I love Kevin’s artwork. In the meantime, I do have a ePub and PDF version that I’d be happy to email you, if you want it. 🙂 No pressure, though.

      I’ve found that the Kindle version isn’t AS bad as it could have been. I used Sigil to edit the issue with odd scaling on different screens, but yeah…. print will always be better than digital when it comes to illustrated works.

      I’d love to see an illustrated version from you. Your artwork is gorgeous!


      1. For my artwork to happen I need a tablet and a new PC, which I don’t see happening very soon (unless I suddenly wake up to my books becoming bestsellers). That’s what keeps me at bay. 😦

        I would love to have a PDF version. You can mail me at onidroid [at] gmail . And, of course, I’ll buy the paperback when it is available. I love illustrated stories, so I gladly spend my cash on those. I recently bought two weighty volumes of Neil Gaiman’s work (Sandman omnibus) in hardcover. Pricey, but oh I adore his graphic novels. ^_^


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    The wonderfully talented and incredibly hard working Alex Hurst has just released the first installment of her science fiction, illustrated novella series, ‘D.N.A.’ With beautiful, original illustrations, this superhero origin story is a perfect read for those sitting in between the next summer blockbuster. She’s having a give away on her blog right now, so if you’re interested, go check it out!

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  3. I loved Animorphs! It was one of my favorite series when I was younger. 😀

    Like Jeno, I’ll have to wait until the paperback installments are out. But best of luck on your release, and I can’t to read about Alta when that time comes!

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    1. When I get the third installment out, it will be ready for it’s first omnibus release. Thank you. I wish I could give it in paperback now, but no luck!

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  4. SCORE! This is wonderful news, Alex, and I’m so excited for you. It’s also incredibly timely as I just returned from Boston where I visited my daughter’s lab. She’s working on a project at the moment that’s steeped in nanotechnology. Part of what she’s doing is “growing” carbon nanotubes and filling them with some resin material. I think, as she patiently tried to describe it to me, that it all has to do with creating new composite “skins” for aircraft.
    A little bit of a coincidence, no?
    Regardless, I’m buying your novella, just need to make sure that I can read it on my iPad. I’ve purchased Kindle books before and can load them onto my reader on my iPad, so this would be the same thing, wouldn’t it? Just give me the heads’ up and I’ll press my Buy Now button.

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    1. No need to buy for you! You won the giveaway. 😀 Thank you so much… and I’m always so fascinated by what your family is up to! You all must never run out of things to talk about. 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’m absolutely in love with my artist’s work. He was really on point when I told him I wanted Golden Age Illustration meets Science Fiction, and unlike a lot of other artists that answered my commission ad, he paid attention when I said “please don’t over-sexualize her… she’s already naked!” 😛 You can follow him on deviantArt, if you have an account there: http://kevinnichols.deviantart.com/


  5. Congratulations to you! This isn’t my genre at all, but never mind that. I’m impressed with the presentation, and with all the hard work that brought it to fruition. I’m beginning to think that some day I’m going to have to try out these glitzy new mobile devices everyone is talking about. 🙂

    Here’s to your next installments going even more easily, and being even more appreciated!

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    1. No problem! Thank you for the support, even though it’s not in your genre. 🙂 I can understand! I have a lot of friends who don’t write in genres I read either… so no pressure. 🙂


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