Must-Read Blog Award: The Task at Hand

Must Read Blog Award, presented by Alex Hurst

There are thousands of blogs across the Internet. Many are beyond exceptional, balancing content and community in ways that are to be admired. And some deserve more love.

Must Read Blog Award, presented by Alex HurstThis month, I would like to introduce Linda Leinen, from The Task at Hand. Linda has been writing on her blog since 2008. Her posts are sparse, in comparison to others in the blogosphere, but there has not been one since I started following in 2014 that I’ve skipped. I’ve read blogs about the history of the traditional Mardi Gras, the Liberian postal service, and amazing essays on the sometimes bizarre and often forgotten history of the United States.

Linda’s writing style carries in it that spark of curiosity and awe for the subjects that makes even the most mundane sounding topic a treat to learn about. There is no fluff in her archives. Each post has its own weight, its own life, and its own obvious care. She doesn’t have “Likes” or “Reblogs” available on her site, yet the community in her comments thrives.

Recently, Linda finished a blog series on the history of camels in America. I highly encourage you to check them out:

The Ghosts of Camels Past – Part I

The Ghosts of Camels Past: From Tunisia to Texas

The Ghosts of Camels Past: From Winsome to Weird

thelistThe Must-Read Blog Award is not a chain award. There are no questions to answer, no people to nominate, and no blog posts to write. It is a badge of recognition, which also includes a very small monetary award. I am the only person that curates the List, though I do accept suggestions. Click the banner above to learn more about the award and learn about other recipients.

14 thoughts on “Must-Read Blog Award: The Task at Hand

  1. This is refreshing. My rudimentary understanding of arithmetic suggests that, with most of the ‘chain’ awards, if the instructions are followed, every man, woman and child on the planet would have the award after a surprisingly small number of iterations (14 if 5 nominations).
    Clicking the link now

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    1. Thank you, Keith. Yes, NJ probably wasn’t the first to coin them as “chain awards” after the nefarious chain mail letters of the 90s, but it’s a good name. To be honest, I don’t begrudge anyone their enjoyment of the awards, but since so many people enjoyed my A-Z roundups, I figured I could reserve a small space of my blog to commend high-quality bloggers for their content.

      I hope you enjoy the blogs!

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    1. I’d never heard of camels in the U.S. until that post! But apparently Nicky knew about them too…. I guess it’s a BC thing! I’m really glad you enjoyed the posts. 🙂

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  2. My goodness, Alex! What an honor, and such a delightful surprise. I was without an internet connection for a couple of days over the July 4th weekend, so it wasn’t until I got home and got plugged back in that I found your generous comments and recommendation.

    I’ll spare you my thought processes about the issue of Writing The Book, but I will say that, of all the bits of evidence accumulating on the “Why not?” side of things, your recommedation of my blog weighs rather more heavily than off-handed “you should write a book” comments here and there. Thank you.

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    1. It’s my absolute pleasure, Linda. I’ve always greatly looked forward to your posts because I know something interesting will always be said. 🙂 You really do have a wonderful talent.

      Should you want the small bursary (I know, super small!) please feel free to contact me at 🙂 If not, no worries. And thank you for having such a wonderful blog space!


  3. Camels? Oh, I’m a big fan, although I really shouldn’t be. When spending some time in Jerusalem one winter I’d been admiring a camel up close when the big galoot spit a faceful on me. I learned a lot about temperament and camel traders that year. I now make a wide berth of both.
    Heading over to the links. Thanks for the terrific suggestion, Alex.

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    1. That would certainly turn me off, too! I’ve had a giraffe lick me with a long purple tongue, but no spit. Surprisingly dry. Hope you enjoy the articles, Shelley!!!


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