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A few posts back, I told you about Fiction Writers Group, and their campaign to help me replace my old computer. Well, in the last ten days or so, the campaign has jumped up from $500 to over $2,400! I really can’t believe how well it’s done.

However, time is still running out, and I really want to see this campaign succeed, because so many people have been working so hard to pull this all together. In fact, one of my fellow admins offered to top off the final $500 of the campaign if we can only reach $3,000 before June 28th. That’s six days from now.

Of course, I’m not just looking for goodwill donations. There are a LOT of perks on the campaign, but I want to feature (in particular) the ones I am offering personally:

$25 – Simple eBook Formatting (4/10 claimed)

This perk includes a PDF, Mobi, and ePub file created in InDesign (the publishing suite used by the traditional industry). The PDF includes fun typography, and depending on the length and complexity of the manuscript, those unique headers can be translated to the Mobi and ePub files as well. Here is a sample of one story already claimed for this campaign:

$60 – Simple Cover Design (0/5 claimed)

I can make simple covers using public domain or stock images you already have the license for. This perk includes a complete wrap-around cover (if needed) adjusted to the margins required by your book. Some samples:

$100 – Novella Edit (1/2 claimed)

An edit for one of your works (or multiple smaller works) up to 30,000 words. This includes a pre-edit developmental read, prose edit, and then copy edit.

$100 – Print Book Formatting (4/25 claimed)

Give your book interior some character! I have tons of samples for you to view at Country Mouse Design, but here is another sample from the anthology Anything Goes, coming out in the next few days:

$150 – Developmental Edit for Novels (0/2 claimed)

3-4 pages of developmental notes, questions, concerns, and the like for novels up to 90,000 words. I check for plausibility, make sure no threads or “clues” from the plot are dropped, question character development and motivation, and anything else you want me to keep an eye out for. This edit does not include any copy editing.

$150 – Copy Edit for Novels (0/2 claimed)

A complete copy edit for novels up to 90,000 words. ($40/500 words for anything in excess.)

$300 – A Novel Edit II (I know, what a steal!)

Both of the above, in one awesome perk. I offered this one before, and it was snatched up extremely quick, so decided to add another.

If you want to donate, but don’t need any of the above perks, these are some more perks offered by some of the amazing members at Fiction Writers Group:

$5 – Free eBook of “Mica Moon” from Leia Stone (unlimited)

$50 – Cover Design by Earl Chessher (0/1 claimed)

$50 – Short Story Panel of Experts (0/3 claimed)

$150 – Customized Word Puzzle (0/1 claimed)

$200 – Custom Art from award-winning artist Rich Ware (0/1 claimed)

Please help me reach my goal! We are so close, and it would mean a lot to me, of course.


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      1. I just got the e-mail notification this morning. Congratulations, Alex!!! And thanks for all you do to help others.


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