Shedding the Green

I have felt, for the last few days, like a tadpole just emerged from the muck, just catching sight of the new horizon of opportunity above the murky pond’s surface. There are many reasons that I feel this way, but perhaps the most profound is that I am finally feeling comfortable, and not entirely overwhelmed, by the depths of knowledge and skill required to succeed in the publishing industry.

A year ago, if you had asked me what the difference was between the different styles of editing, or what Adobe Suite was, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. If you had come to me with a burning question about Amazon’s CreateSpace, I wouldn’t have known where to begin. The idea of compiling a novel for print was a point of stress, and that’s not even to get into the writing and blogging portions of the deal.

Filler? Purple Prose? You wouldn’t have been able to get me to self-edit, or edit other people, with any real skill. I had no idea where my blog was going either.

Except, now I do. I am comfortable in all of these things. Yes, there may be a few more bumps, a little vestigial tail for me to take care of before I’m full-frog, but I don’t feel like a tadpole anymore, either.

I have a lot of things in store for this blog in the coming months. You may have noticed that I changed the theme around again. I’m really happy with the new one, because it carries more of the sleek and fluid design elements that I have always been seeking for this space (also, I caved and got a paid theme, because I was tired of my blog sharing a theme with so many others.)

Part of the plans for this blog include a refocus on the elements of blogging that I love. Art. Japan. Writing. I’ve realized in the last couple of days that for a website that has the tagline “A Fantasy Author in Japan”, I do precious little blogging about either. My participation in A-Z, I think, got me a little off track, but I’m focused again, and am ready to move forward.

Part of the reason I haven’t blogged much about Japan is that I actually had a different blog before this one where I’d already talked about some of my favorite places. I’ve decided to slowly migrate these posts over to this blog, editing to make them into more of a narrative style, and updated to reflect how I’ve changed as a person. This makes me happy, because I really do love Japan, and it would be a waste to see those posts lost in the dust of a Blogger Drafts folder.

I’ll also be talking more about writing, I hope, since my schedule is finally freeing up enough again to get back on track with my MS. At least I’m hoping that, now that I’ve said it here, I’ll feel accountable enough to keep with it.

So, in keeping with my other “I” articles series, these are some columns that you can expect to see introduced, or more regularly continued, from here on out:

  • Illustrious – Book Cover Artist Interviews. I love doing these interviews, and they’re absolutely here to stay.
  • Inked – Typography Interviews . No bites on this one yet, but I’m hoping to get there eventually.
  • Imprints – Independent Publisher interviews. No organic bites, yet, but again, I’m sure I’ll get there.
  • Impressions – Japan-related posts dealing with locations and events in Japan that I find interesting.
  • Inspirations – Artists, Musicians, and Authors who have inspired me on my journey.
  • Insights – Research for my writing as fun information for you!

I’ll also continue posting my book reviews, though I’ll try to start spacing them out more regularly.

5 thoughts on “Shedding the Green

  1. I’m gonna just say it:
    It always makes me nervous when a blogger announces a new, exciting direction and schedule for her blog. Inevitably, it means the blog is about to come to an end.

    Not that I think that’s what’s going to happen here, but that’s what I’ve seen happen over and over again.


    1. Yeah, I know. I hesitated on posting it at all. But I’ve been feeling really lousy about the overall quality of the blog, so just wanted to say upfront why readers might be seeing more about Japan/my writing in the coming weeks.

      I have no intention of stopping the blog. In fact, I now have something like 300 posts to clean up and post here now. 🙂


  2. How exciting, Alex–and of course, congratulations on arriving to a place of comfort and experience. A year is an amazingly short amount of time to squish in all that you have, but perhaps it speaks to your hunger and drive to accomplish and understand. Well done, you!
    Looking forward to all the upcoming posts. I’m certain they’ll be of the highest caliber.


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Shelley! I’m hoping that all of my readers will be able to get something out of my posts, as I work towards making the prose of them (in particular) much better than they are currently. All the best!


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