My Gypsy Dancer

1340564_40016681He glides across the room,
a gypsy dancer, in motion.

In the desert of my life,
his laughter, a well. Heal all––
cool and rare; heart behind a wall.

Destroy the barrier. Let me see
all that makes you, and all that makes me.

Let us kiss a kiss that only two souls can know,
Let us journey our journey in our own secret show.

He glides across the room,
a gypsy dancer, in motion.

Warm as satin under sun,
his smile, my home.

––Vonn, to his lover.


*this poem is from one fictional character to another.

4 thoughts on “My Gypsy Dancer

  1. It’s wonderful to see more of your writing here, Alex! And I love the idea of a poem narrated from the POV of one of your characters. Your words capture the fluid movement of the gypsy dancer they describe. Well done!


    1. Thanks Miranda. I still think I write terrible poetry, but I was afraid to tag it as such again. 😉 At least it was easier to write something like that through the mind of someone I’d created.


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