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And here I thought I wouldn’t have anything to write about today!

I love when people reach out to me. Truly, it gives me great satisfaction to know that something that I’ve written or helped put together inspires enough of a response in a person for them to contact me directly. So, you can imagine my surprise and delight when I received a direct PM this morning on Goodreads by a man we’ll call Sam the Scam.

Sam didn’t have a name I was familiar with, but boy, did he have a lot of great things to say about me! Just look at this:

Hi Alex Hurst. I just want to say hi and introduce myself – I’m a huge fan of your books! Your dialogue is snappy and it’s like I could physically hear every word. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

As an aspiring author myself, I thought I’d send you a quick message to share a recently discovered website specifically designed for authors to increase the sales of our books. I’ve personally tried what’s offered on that website for the last month and honestly, I was blown away with the results I got! I love your work and admire you as an author, I want more people to experience your books! Everyone deserves to hear your stories so I’m excited to share this website as friendly act of kindness.

You can find it here: This website features only the absolute best products for independent authors and publishers.

I want quality work to receive the audience it deserves – nowadays it’s so hard to increase sales. P.S. I assure you – I’m not affiliated with this website in any way. Good luck, Alex Hurst!

Notice the bold at the bottom in particular. I put that there, but that’s about the biggest red flag there is––”I’m not _____, but ____” is almost the only sure-fired way to reveal your true intentions.

Of course, even if Sam hadn’t have put that last line in there, something smells fishy. And you know what it is? I haven’t actually written any “books”, and talking about ‘snappy dialogue’ is an easy, umbrella compliment for any writing style. I mean, besides for summaries, how many stories can you name off the top of your head that don’t have any dialogue?

But, you know, I’m the kind of person who likes to research things before I jump the gun. And there were a few instant hits that confirmed my suspicions:

  1. Google couldn’t index the site, because the site’s robots.txt prevented it.
  2. This thread over at K-Boards, started today, which shows several other people have received the exact same email.

Of course, my research wasn’t entirely fruitless.

It looks like (the scam site), is trying to piggyback off of, which is a more professional looking site, that claims to be the LinkedIn for the publishing world. Here’s an interview with one of their founders.


Now, I like this idea, and the optimistic side of me really wants this to be a real thing. I’m going to sign up for their launch, but I’m leery of the subscription costs on the author side. That reeks of vanity presses. However, in the interview, Obi Ochu was specifically talking about “vetted” presses, with global reach, so maybe it will be something more valid.

I’ll be curious to see where it goes from here. I’m certainly curious about how they will handle the publisher’s end of things––will they allow vanity presses like AuthorSolutions to use their service? I think it’d be pretty hard to weed them all out and still have a diverse enough platform.

So, for the time being, at least stay away from authorhub.ORG!

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  1. I get things like that every couple of weeks, usually to my email. Frequently, they go straight to my spam folder, but they always just get deleted.


  2. Hello from France,

    I’ve received exactly the same message (but from Julio) saying “I’m a huge fan of your books”… I was surprised and then I was sure the message was not true… Why ??? I am an author who writes only in French. So my readers write to me… in French…. A “huge fan” like this guy couldn’t write to me in English !
    By searching some informations, I’ve founded your page. So I add my own experience.
    Have an excellent week,


  3. Got the same message and you answered all my questions. You did all the legwork and packaged it into a well-written, informative piece. Nicely done!


  4. Thanks for sharing this, Alex! I’ve been fortunate enough not to receive this message yet, but it sounds as though it’s making the rounds quickly. I also appreciate your discussion of the (hopefully?) legitimate Author Hub. It’s an interesting concept, but I wouldn’t pay a subscription for it for the same reason I won’t pay a submission fee to a press–the chances of seeing a return on my monetary investment are slim.


  5. Hello Alex,

    My colleague came across your blog titled “Author Hub, A pure Goldmine for Independent Authors and Publishers.” and the the word “SCAM?” in bold letters.

    I commend you for your efforts to educate for the literary universe. The Author Hub is is beyond passionate about helping authors, agents and publishers succeed. We pride ourselves with being a business built on integrity and transparency. Our vision is to run a successful business that will have positive impact on those we touch. You can understand how upset we were upon learning there is another another site called “”. Please note, we have no affiliation with this site or endorse any of their activities.

    Our intent is to be in business for a long time, and the only way that can happen is to institute a vetting process managed by industry professionals and people that understand what agents and publishers are looking for in a manuscript.

    Also our partners in the business of the literary divide, demand quality submissions (not vanity) in order to justify any investment in time made.
    And to answer some of your questions:

    1. We will not be letting vanity presses use our services. Only registered authors, agents and publishers will be allowed to join The Hub. Agents and and publishers will also be vetted to ensure that part of a valid organization. Only registered Publishers and Agents will have access to Author profile pages. The general public will not have access to Author pages. Publishers and agents will conduct their activities in complete anonymity.

    2. Regarding how we attract publishers and agents? Well hard work. We have engaged 100s of them and understand what they are looking for in a partner. That’s why we have invested so much in our vetting process and offer them exclusivity and privacy. This was important to them. Also we do not receive a finders fee or any future royalties.

    I would be more than happy to chat with you to share more about our platform. My email address is And if you are in the Toronto area, perhaps we can grab a coffee. Here is a link to a video that talks more about our company: Q – We ask that you follow us on Twitter and Facebook

    Have a great day.


    Obi Ochu
    The Author Hub Inc.


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