F is for Fantasy

Fantasy is my genre of choice as an author, even though I do, at times, experiment in other genres. One of my most notable divergences from fantasy would be the hard sci-fi novella D.N.A., set to be released this December in Writers’ Anarchy III. So, while I don’t like to limit myself, the genre I will always come back to is fantasy.

There is so much to love about the genre, besides its virtually endless possibilities. Magic, super powers, unnaturally long life spans––if you’ve ever wondered about something, you can make it happen in fantasy. That isn’t to say there aren’t any rules at all. No, of course not. Your world is limited by the boundaries you set for it. And perhaps one of the hardest things to retain is that the more your world diverges from the natural, the harder it becomes to make your characters still behave in realistic ways, while still having realistic limitations. You wouldn’t want it to be too easy, after all. (And you need to be mindful of other trope traps in the genre, such as the wise old wizard who in general decides to omit any pertinent information that could have saved your protagonist an entire quest.)

While I love fantasy, I’ve never been big on Sword & Sorcery, or Authurian High Epics. There are a few that I really, really enjoyed, but for the most part, I like unusual locales; modern or classical, even futuristic, timelines. I like multiple cultures and multiple viewpoints in a single work. If your fantasy attempts to go against the grain, I’ll probably check it out.

What are some of your favorite fantasy stories? What do you think isn’t done enough in fantasy?

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21 thoughts on “F is for Fantasy

  1. TraceyLynnTobin says:

    Fantasy was one of the first genres I ever wrote in because it was just so much fun. If I liked dragons? Throw some dragons in there! If I wanted my main character to be able to cast magic, BOOM! Magic! Of course, like you said, you can’t go too insane if you want your story to still make sense, but it still is one of the most free genres to write in, in my opinion. ^_^


  2. Geeky Book Snob says:

    I love fantasy which can embrace an aspect of the quantum physics world, magic realism which is why my favourite all time fantasy series is by A.A. Attanasio – The Dragon and the Unicorn and the following books. Beautiful in scope, poetic, filled with the quantum world and possibilities, solid characters. Another great fantasy that was so unique to me was the Steel Seraglio – it was about a female army – had me fist punching the air for days. http://geekybooksnob.wordpress.com/


  3. Bob Milne says:

    Although fantasy wasn’t my first love – I actually cut my teeth on horror – it’s become the dominance force on my bookshelves. Epic fantasy is my favorite, followed by sword & sorcery, and then historical fantasy. I think what I appreciate most about the genre is simply the ability to take our dreams (and our nightmares) and make them come alive. Give me magic, dragons, and immortal warriors. Give me unicorns, goblins, and demigods that walk the earth. I’ll take it all!

    My A to Z Challenge


  4. Marlene says:

    I like fantasy with some connection to our world. I want to feel there’s a chance I could find the link to another world. So I don’t read much high fantasy and am one of the odd-balls that loves portal fantasies, can’t get enough. My first book is a portal fantasy and even though it needs a lot of work (so is shelved until my writing equals the task) I have gotten feedback that it’s got some potential because of the continued connection to our world.
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding


  5. Lyle Tanner says:

    Fantasy is so full of possibilities, but I find we limit ourselves a lot with it. The high fantasy stories seem to always happen in some variation of medieval Europe. Lately, the protagonist is almost always an outcast that is secretly the most special person in the world. And, of course, the girl falls for the first magical creature she meets. So many possibilities and these are the things we keep falling back on.


  6. nicolepyles says:

    I love fantasy although I have moved away from it a little bit. One of my favorite fantasy novels used to be the Wheel of Times series and the Redwall series. One day I will go back to these books. But I think what sometimes is missed in fantasy is the blending of our real world with the fantastic. I love those blends.


  7. Andrew says:

    I lean toward fantasy, but I don’t think I have any conventional fantasy stories in my head. Almost everything I’m working on, right now, leans towards fantasy in some way or another, and I don’t think any of it would be called typical Shadow Spinner certainly wouldn’t.


  8. shellirosewarne says:

    I love fantasy – there’s so many options and different variants. Personally, I quite like dark fantasy and urban/paranormal is what I tend to write. I read a lot of ‘high’ fantasy though, especially growing up, so keep thinking that one day I will write a series – I just have a feeling that once I start on the world-building side of it I’ll get bogged down there for years πŸ™‚


  9. elsie elmore says:

    Fantasy is a favorite of mine to read and write because I love blurred lines and warped reality. I keep my mind open and read other genres, but fantasy provides a unique escape. (Great images).


  10. Jennifer Fischetto says:

    I haven’t read a lot of fantasy, and what I have read is fantasy lite. πŸ™‚ One of my crit partners writes really good fantasy, and since it’s almost published, but not yet, naming it wouldn’t mean anything. lol


  11. Ciara Darren says:

    Things not done enough in fantasy? Exploring the mythological inheritances of cultures other than western Europe. There’s so many other amazing mythologies to pull from! Or mixing them up. I like to see that done, like I recently read in Angels’ Pride.


  12. whalenalexandra1990 says:

    Fantasy is my favorite genre to write too! I have tried to dabble in the normal world in my writing but it never works! Things will be going fine but then I will come across a scene and be like “Oh, what if her hands lit on fire right there?!?” or “Dang, what if his dog just started randomly talking to him??” … I have a weird brain


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