To Seoul and Back Again

N J does a fantastic recap of our time in Seoul, which I simply have to share here. However, regarding the masseuse experience, mine was wonderful, and I could have hugged the lady who worked so hard to get my shoulder righted. The old women in just their bras and undies were a little much though….

Diary of an Aspiring Writer

A few people around here know that I live in Japan. I’ve lived here for four years now and in general, life is good. We’ve got a nice place to live, enough money to have fun on occasion, a good job and a great boss.

And I do mean great. As in, we get travel bonuses at the end of every year. Our boss used to work for the tourism industry, so he knows where to find the best deals. Every year he lets us chose a destination in Asia to visit, and he pays for the flight and the hotel for three or four days. Last year we went to Taipei. This year we went to Seoul. I’m going to take this Sunday break from the April A – Z Challenge to write about my experiences. Just so you know, parts of this post will be not safe for…

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3 thoughts on “To Seoul and Back Again

  1. You’re right. NJ’s retelling of your adventure is truly not to be missed. I loved it, Alex. And so glad you had a wonderful time!
    Making memories – that is a full life worth living. 🙂


  2. Fantasy is my choice genre also Alex. As a children’s librarian, I had to watch myself not push fantasy all the time (like Poppy by Avi, Harry Potter series, Lightning Thieft, The Hobbit, etc.) I enjoy reading Dean Koonz’ fantasy books which mix a bit of horror into them also. I’m looking at your Good Reads and am excited to try out some new titles to read. Thanks so much,



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