B is for Books

It goes without saying that I have had an (un)healthy obsession with books since a young age. Even as far back as Good Dog, Carl, I have recognized publishers of books (I loved Green Tiger Press and Puffin Books most of all), and I would spend many afternoons devising new ways to organize my shelf.

The feel of a book, that texture that is just as much a part of the story as the words on the page drew me in, as did the illustrations, the covers, the font: basically everything that makes a book a book, I loved. I cherished my books so much that I would read them at awkward angles just so the spines wouldn’t get hurt. My dad once bought me bookplates for my collection, and I annoyed my sister by making her “check out” books any time she wanted to read something.

There was a brief period of time, when I was on the road with my family for over a year, where I didn’t have books at my disposal, except the one I was reading day-to-day (carsickness making reading difficult, but not impossible). After that, I never really got my library back. Thankfully, living with another bibliophile has insured I will never be short on books again. As of today, our shelves (which have only been around for about two years), are almost completely full, and I’m fairly certain we’ll have too many for the living room by the end of 2014.

Do you have an (un)healthy addiction to books?


Tomorrow: C is for Characters!

125 thoughts on “B is for Books

    • Alex Hurst says:

      I feel you Illsa. That was me through most of college. I had so much class reading to do, I did no pleasure reading for six years! But, I’m trying to rectify that now. Thanks for stopping by, as well! πŸ™‚


  1. wilfulsunflower says:

    Me too! I’ve run out of shelf space and now have books stacked in piles on my living room floor. I’m trying to give some away, but it’s SO HARD!


  2. cfjeanjean says:

    Oh yes I am a total book lover! I even like the smell of books, especially old books. Is that weird?

    I was devastated when I had to give away most of my books when we moved to Hong Kong – a Kindle just isn’t the same so I’m slowly rebuilding my collection, although we have no space for it!


    • Alex Hurst says:

      That sounds like when I moved to Japan. I literally had to throw out any that couldn’t be bought again (so first editions or out of print books) because I only had one suitcase. :/ Luckily I live with another bibliophile, so the collection is growing steadily again. πŸ™‚


  3. Dara says:

    I get a bit particular on my book collection. It’s not necessarily large, but it’s ALL HARDCOVER. If I like a book, and I want it, I go hardcover. I’m not big into the e-readers and paperbacks are flimsy. Doesn’t make my fiancee happy either… he did not enjoy moving my book boxes when we bought our house. πŸ˜‰
    Dara the Writer


    • Alex Hurst says:

      All hardcover would be AMAZING… but fantasy from the 80s/90s never really came in that format, and now some are ONLY available in paperback, but yes… hardcover is a top priority.


  4. A.K. Morgen says:

    No book addiction is unhealthy! I tend to hoard them. I just can’t give them away when I might want to read them again. And it never fails, as soon as I do give one away, I find myself needing it for some reason. Better to just avoid that altogether. Now… if I could just convince the husband to let me install wall to wall bookshelves in the den…

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  5. A J says:

    Hello, my name is Amelia and I’m addicted to books. Thank goodness for e-books though or else I’d be sleeping amidst books and my shelves holding books. I don’t particularly focus on publishers though but I’ll read anything as long as the cover is awesome aka I’m a cover whore haha


    • Alex Hurst says:

      Oh gosh…. me too! I have passed up perfectly wonderful books just because their covers weren’t up to my standards, haha (Harry Potter being one…. but, now I have the “adult” covers and am very happy to dive in, haha).


  6. CompGeekDavid says:

    Glad I decided not to cover books in my blog post… we’ve had some overlap so far!

    We have a guest bedroom whose real purpose is to be a library. We have nowhere to put new books, really. Thank goodness for our Kindles…


  7. Lissa Clouser says:

    Yes. And yes. Did I mention yes? We’ve got I’d say 1,500-2,000 books at the moment. Honestly there are probably more, but I’m being conservative. I have, in total, only 4 shelves and maybe 40-some-odd boxes? More shelves are in order as soon as we can afford them/find a place for them!


  8. Modified Editing Services says:

    So very HEALTHY!
    I also learned from a wee age not to crinkle the spines of books. My father wouldn’t even let me keep a book on the floor.

    One half of my garage is useless for cars or other storage as it is floor to ceiling boxes of books. Someday I will gather the courage to part with a few.


  9. Kat says:

    I love, love, love books! I was slow to get on the e-book train because I love the feel of a book in my hands; love the paper and turning the pages. I still prefer hard copy books to e-books and have hundreds of books. I feel sorry for people when I go to their homes and there are NO book shelves…what?!!! E-books do have their place, however. I enjoy them when I travel so I don’t have to bring actual books with me. My favorite children’s book is the Velveteen Rabbit:)


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