Plum Blossoms & A Blue Heron

Plum Blossoms & A Blue Heron, a set on Flickr.

For most people in Japan, going out and viewing the flowers in bloom is an annual event. Here in Kyoto, there’s actually a different flower to go and see every month, from hydrangeas, camellias, irises, cherry blossoms, and so on. And while cherry blossoms (also known as sakura) are by far the most popular, my love is reserved for the diverse, fragrant, and fragile plum.

Usually, the plum is a February flower, but this year, it’s been so cold that they’ve only just started blooming.

I went to Kyoto Botanical Gardens to view the plum blossoms this year. It was nice; there weren’t too many people about, and an immature blue heron followed me around. (No, really.) I walked to a different end of the park, it swooped through the trees and landed next to a bridge I was standing on. We chilled out together for about ten minutes before it finally flew away.

That’s really all I have to say… this is just a photo blog. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Plum Blossoms & A Blue Heron

  1. These photos are simply stunning, Alex! What a pleasure they are, when we’re getting yet more snow and sleet here right now. The Great Blue Heron is one of my favorite birds. I’ve often seen them while visiting rivers and lakes in the mountains. This one must have been very fond of you!


    1. Wow, still snowing? That’s rough! I love the Great Blue Heron, too. It was one of those birds that really made me think of Louisiana, so after I moved to California and found that there were less of them, and more of the Lesser Egret, or Snowy Egret, they became a really rare sight.

      Now that I’m in Kyoto, I see them all the time! I have to cross a river on the way to work, and there are always at least a pair fishing together in the grasses and shallows. 🙂 Having this one follow me around was pretty funny though. I took his picture earlier, and then walked to a bridge. He flew through the trees, swooped out, and then sneaked under the bridge I was standing on. I waited for him to come out, and he never did. So I walked off the bridge… turned around… and then he was standing where I had been. (Actually, if it’d been a person, I think I would have been scared! Haha!)


  2. A visual feast, Alex. Whew! I looove the Cherry Blossom Festival that happens in my neck of the woods. It’s truly magical. But wow, you must be in pig heaven where you are.

    And as for the immature Great Blue Heron, I’m right there with you. The ones around here are all about armpit farts and dirty jokes. Totally immature, I agree.


    1. Haha, I don’t know about pig heaven~ People get a little wonky over here during cherry blossom festivals. Super drunk, rowdy, and a high increase of “chikan”, or train perverts.

      I’m planning to go to a few night time illuminations this year though, so hope to get some pictures with cherry blossoms at a castle and a lovely shrine… I’ll be sure to post them here! 🙂

      I also giggled at your pun. I’m probably more immature than those Great Blues. 😛 Hehehe.


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