Resisting Tears

awa00Resisting tears
is like resisting the storm
that swells in a tempest;
beats of a heart that rocks the ship
suffering the world; all its whips.

Tension headache
that dams the feelings
boiled up beneath the skin.
Regret and anguish; guilt and sin
hiss their curses–body caves in.

Scathing drops
of salt, stress, and sorrow
carve rows in cheeks
burn lips; steal words–

Release pain
bottled by hearts too big,
secreted, ignored, forgotten…

Never shared.
Since to speak is to spread
the disease and the pain
like a curse, infecting others.

But eventually,
the swell overtakes,
the dam overflows,
the rivers run,
and the bottle breaks.

And then,
the fog will clear,
the water will settle;
the glass will be swept away.

Because the earth needs salt
and water to yield,
just as we need each other,
to truly feel.

4 thoughts on “Resisting Tears

  1. i002537 says:

    I so totally understand and you know I do. I know that my dam will break, but until then I will look to the future and look deep past the dark clouds
    (And then,
    the fog will clear,
    the water will settle;
    the glass will be swept away)
    and hope that anything I feel or experience along the way will make me better, stronger and smarter.
    I have said before to others that Pain was personal, but it doesn’t mean it needs to be hidden in the back of the closet, behind old boxes or stuffed careless in a drawer. Express it, say it, feel it and it strengthens you. Damn those that don’t feel it.
    It passes. It always does.
    “Because the earth needs salt
    and water to yield,
    just as we need each other,
    to truly feel.”

    Thank you for putting some soul out there. As usual, you inspire us all!

    Stan Walsch


    • Alex Hurst says:

      Thanks for the comment, Stan-Stuart-Eduardo, haha.

      Yes, the pain does pass. I grew up trying to be a person that didn’t yield to pain. I have a very high tolerance to it. In fact, when I cry, it gives me headaches, because the tears are working against all of my resistance… In any case, glad you liked the poem… I’m still shaking my head at it, though. πŸ˜›


  2. Miranda Stone says:

    Beautiful poem, Alex! I always enjoy your blog posts, but it’s a treat to read your fiction, and now poetry. (And what’s that “bad poetry” tag doing in there? You need to remove that right away!) I think we can all relate to the whirlwind of emotions you describe in this poem, that tendency to put on a brave face until the cheerful veneer cracks, and we succumb to our tears.


    • Alex Hurst says:

      You saw that tag, did you? πŸ˜› Haha, I was just being honest! I’ve only written one other poem in my entire life (it was actually sent to one of the poetry collection contests when I was a kid), so I have a hardbound edition of it somewhere… it was equally bad… using the children’s poem rhyme.

      Anywho, thanks so much for the comment, and the encouragement!


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