Twitter Fiction

I enjoy writing silly, short tales from time to time, and Twitter fiction, otherwise known as micro-fiction, is one of the funner ways to disseminate a story. I like how, especially with humor and horror stories, micro-fiction can express a sort of immediate suspense or anticipation, and, when written well, can deliver on that expectation with surprising results (not that I’m one of those people who can write that well). All the same, these are my attempts of one of the shorter forms of fiction: the Twitter fic.

I post all of these on Twitter, but will be using this post to keep a record of all the fiction in a more permanent space. It will be updated as more fiction comes to me. Enjoy!

Eventually, it was discovered that the man who sold Jack those beans was actually Rumpelstiltskin, purveyor of oddities and parlor tricks.

The horrors of her Dust Bowl days never left her; frozen meals and watermelon rot in her fridge while she starves, afraid to waste the food.

A week after top minds in science revealed a world he’d only ever imagined, he wanted to be blind again. What he’d dreamed was better.

One thought on “Twitter Fiction

  1. These are all fantastic, Alex! I especially love the one about the Dust Bowl survivor. I recently submitted to a contest where the story could be no more than 13 words, and I quickly discovered that these pieces of micro-fiction are hard work to write!


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