Social Media in the Modern Narrative

Mr. Hemanth Gorur, author of “The Darker Face” in Writers’ Anarchy I and the new thriller Aymaran Shadow, was kind enough to give me the opportunity to write a post over at his book blog. I hope you’ll take a look!

Author Hemanth Gorur's Blog

This is a guest blog by Alex Hurst, author of The Bell Tower. Over to Alex.

A strange notification on your feed. A stranger trying to add you on Facebook. Being ‘followed’ by a macabre avatar on Twitter.

In our lives, these small events happen daily, and they are usually brushed off or even encouraged by a massive online community that does little to protect privacy or the locations of its members.

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One thought on “Social Media in the Modern Narrative

  1. Okay, read the post.
    I think the issue of the sex of the assailant is an interesting point. I haven’t really thought about that before, but, now that you bring it up, I think social media assault from females must be on the rise (in comparison to the level before social media). It’s in the news all the time about girls and their mothers harassing some other poor girl for, well, whatever reason. I think the (seeming) anonymity of social media has created a false sense of power.


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