The Pieta and the Writer’s Palette

A beautiful post which revisits the old adage of the writer and the blank page as canvas, as well as the hidden, subconscious symbolism and imagery that authors use as they write and readers draw on as they read. I highly encourage anyone who enjoys thoughtful commentary, poetry and contemporary fiction to follow Deborah Brasket’s blog. She is a true gem!

Deborah J. Brasket

800px-WLANL_-_jankie_-_Zelfportret_als_schilder_(detail),_Vincent_van_Gogh_(1888)It’s been said that for the writer the blank page is our canvas and words our paint.

But I don’t think so.

Images and ideas are the paint, words the loaded brush, and sentences our brushstrokes. The mind and imagination of both writer and reader is the blank canvas.

Nothing is there, literally, on the page—mere white space, black ink strokes. Yet in the act of reading the mind becomes awash in colors, images, ideas, emotions. Like magic. What the reader draws upon is not only the writer’s words and images, but the reader’s as well, his memories and associations. Our reader co-creates with us.

395px-Anders_Zorn_-_Les_Demoiselles_Schwartz_2What both the writer and reader draw upon, as do all visual artists, are all the images and associations from our own lives as well as all those who came before us and left their imprints upon our imaginations, through books and artwork and film…

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