Post-a-Day Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Post-a-Day Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

It told us to stay behind the railing, but with the wind kicking salt up from the brine and cotton candy blue below, I felt I could fly into the endless. Take a leap, and sore over the rounded horizon, see the world as a marble and be enveloped in its blue, green and brown eyes.

The cliffs of Inverness rise up out of the San Andreas Fault, pulling with them the distant memory of ice ages, serpentinite and deep sea stone, a stubborn wisdom tooth which defies the turbulent, violent washes of the Pacific Ocean, as it has done for millions of years.

To stand on the edge, to lean over the railing made brittle by the wind and salt, is to cast off the paper thin Ego and Id, and accept your smallness in the world. It is exhilarating, feeling the whirl and pull of a world that moves you, turning on its axis so delicately so as to not cast you into oblivion, like a mother wrapping her babe in her arms.

Your body remains stationary in your own perception only, and on the hazardous cliffs of Pt. Reyes, your spirit can feel it. The sign says ‘stay behind railing’ but it is too late: the soul is already soaring.

9 thoughts on “Post-a-Day Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

    1. How can you not like cotton candy?!?! 😛 I was going to go with cerulean, or Blue 6, but neither sounded as good.


      1. I don’t know. What I do know is that when I was around 7, while having cotton candy at an amusement park, I realized I only liked the idea of cotton candy but found the actual act of eating it to be less than enjoyable.


        1. I can understand that. I feel that way with most Japanese cakes. They look so gorgeous. Petite and tasty. Then it just turns out to be dry sponge and bland, watery icing.


          1. Well, actually, that’s true of most cakes. Well, except for the watery icing, I suppose. Still, I’m not a fan of most frosting/icing.


  1. I like the angles and colors of your photo, and your write-up is beautiful without the photo! It’s kind of funny that they would feel the need to put up a sign when it’s obvious what would happen if you stepped over!

    I wrote a reply to you on my blog about the GLP.


    1. You’d be surprised how absent of mind people can be! People like climbing down the cliffs, not realizing that a lot of it is sand stone and susceptible to crumbling under human weight.

      Thank you! I’ll check out your reply!


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