The Bookshelves

We love bookshelves! Won’t you share yours? Post written by my gf, who is hilariously funny, if I do say so myself 😉

Diary of an Aspiring Writer

IMG_0720I guess it goes without saying that I love books. I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember. Without going into the details of my slow start to reading and the books that brought me to love it, by 8th grade I had read the entirety of Mom’s V.C. Andrews collection, which makes her either amazing or negligent as a parent, you decide. It got me into reading romance, which were also the only books I could buy for 50 cents a piece second hand while still in high school and thus, jobless.  The greatest gift I could get for Christmas or birthdays was a gift certificate for Chapters. It was also the easiest way to piss off friends and family when asked what I wanted.  There was (and is) nothing more pleasing than a shelf full of books. My bedroom was lovingly(?) nicknamed the fire hazard. It…

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2 thoughts on “The Bookshelves

  1. Brilliant. Btw, if you guys really don’t study anyway….can I have the classical Japanese books? Lol. They caught my eye. That and Genji (though I have my own copy of that, as well as the Seidensticker translation).


  2. Hahaha, noooooooo, those classical books were $50 a pop! Haha. And besides, I did mostly read them 😛 I’m sure when I get older, I’ll want to learn Japanese again. 😉

    Love the Tyler version. I read Tyler and Seidensticker at the same time for different classes my first semester at Berkeley… still am not sure how I did it, haha.


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