Happy 4th Anniversary

Today marks four years since I have been able to call NJ my own.

Of course, we’ve known each other a lot longer than that; almost ten years now. It still amazes me that we ever met at all.

I had decided on a fluke one morning to peruse through some web-rings (do you remember those?) devoted to fiction websites, and clicked on one of several hundred. I made an account, the moniker ‘Raijuken’ and posted that I was a man (women used to be treated so much more differently online). There was a little shoutbox, I made my introductions and then carried on as usual. The next day, a little PM was waiting for me from someone named ‘Edan’ and the rest is history.

We knew each other for several months before we ever admitted we were both women. But after that, we were inseparable. A day didn’t feel complete unless we had talked to each other for two hours or more, and yes, at times, it bordered on obsessive, but I really couldn’t help it. By the way, NJ lived in Canada, and I lived in California, so the idea that we would ever meet face-to-face seemed unrealistic.

I got the chance to meet NJ in person, though, when she was going to a con down in LA. We spent a couple of days in a hotel near my house. At first, it was really awkward. After three years of typing to each other, using emoticons and email, we both were having trouble just speaking or showing facial expressions. We laughed, when we began to notice how much our fingers were twitching while we talked to each other. We met again when she flew down to California to come to my graduation from junior college.

There had been suspicions, in both of our families, that we were more than friends, but we always ignored it. Crushes? No way! After all, NJ liked men, and while I knew (and know) I am a bisexual, she was taken. The catalyst came about when I started dating in college. Things suddenly changed, rapidly, between us. I was seriously worried I was going to lose her friendship, and the more we talked, the more I realized that I couldn’t live the life I knew without her–that is love, isn’t it? We decided to give it a shot, long distance or no.

I flew up to Canada that Christmas to see her, and we shared our first kiss on a grassy hill overlooking the Vancouver skyline. It felt right. I felt, and still feel, best when I’m at her side.

We’re now at four years. Four years! And two thirds of that time has been spent living together in Kyoto, making a life for ourselves and dreaming about a future of writing and owning a house together. I love her more and more by the day, and can see myself spending the rest of my life with her. So, for today, I plan to reflect on that, have a nice dinner together, and let her know how much she means to me.


15 thoughts on “Happy 4th Anniversary

  1. It is a beautiful and wondrous event to cross paths with a spirit that flows with ease down a natural stream. Sharing is one of the joys we are able to experience in our short time in this realm. You can read a spirit, tell a spirit, by how they share with those around them even strangers. I have enjoyed digi-meeting you so much and know that your lives together must engage the infinite. Thank you for sharing with us.


  2. It isn’t my best but:
    What can be better than
    Joni Mitchell on a quiet Sunday morning
    When the sun DOES pour in like butterscotch.
    Good wine on Saturday with nothing left
    to guilt you out.
    A running hug squeeze of a child’s love
    And the smile you bring to their face,
    Making it to the top of the hill on a lonely road,
    just in time to spot the first twinkle.
    None of these moments are better than spent
    Then the precious time with the spirit
    You have known so long.


  3. It is such a weird thing meeting someone in person that you have only known through some other media first. I met my wife online. That was 17 years ago.


    1. It definitely is! Going to bed was the hardest part! Usually there was an application that you just had to quit, and then contact was severed. But there we were, across the bed from one another and…. We didn’t know what to do, haha.


  4. Hello Alex and congratulations. I almost commented here a few days ago, but my sense of blog propriety kept me for doing so because I felt we don’t know each other well enough for me to express myself here. But I was excited for you because I remember when I was amazed by my and my wife’s 4 year anniversary — like 28 years ago!

    All the best!



    1. Thank you Guy!!! I’m looking forward to waking up one day and being able to say the same! 🙂 Cheers!!!


    1. Thanks for reading Chris! I appreciate it. 🙂 I’ve followed yours through bloglovin’ a few days ago as well. Cheers!


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