Killing Time


So, I’m about to head to Taipei for a few days and am hanging out at the airport. On one of the tramways I saw this sign that listed the seconds to the next destination. Living in Japan, I know how time oriented people are, but this was the first time I’ve seen a sign that actually tells you so precisely how long something takes. It got me thinking.

How much can actually happen in 110 seconds? What about in a movie, when a character says they have one minute or five minutes, but there’s about ten minutes of footage between that point and the deadline? What about in a novel? How long is a moment? A second? How is time relative and subjective? Of course there are a million answers to these questions. I just thought I’d pose them here. For the record, it’s taken me about four minutes to type this on my phone, which feels way longer because of all of the corrections of typos and the corrections of Auto Corrects I’ve had to make.

Let me know your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Killing Time

  1. Interesting. It’s similar to when you love doing something, then time goes by too fast. But when you do something you dislike it crawls like a snail. And by the clock on the wall the time could have taken the same number of minutes. I suppose you can control time itself in your head, by how you approach tasks you have to complete. BTW whats happening in Taipei that your headed out there. Have fun Alex!


    1. That is very true. I am reminded of the last five minutes of the clock on a countdown to vacation, which is actually why I’m going to Taipei 😉

      I work as a kindergarten teacher over in Japan and my partner and I did helped the school gain do many new students last year that my boss gifted us a three day trip to Taipei! I love my boss!


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